Denver Public Schools Sees Highest Academic & Enrollment Growth in Six Years

Photo Courtesy of DPS

Denver Public Schools (DPS) announced this week that this school year, 2011-2012, kicked off its highest year in academic and enrollment growth, turning around trends since 2005.
Students in DPS have show more year-to-year growth over the past two years than students at other large Colorado school districts. In addition, the district is estimating an approximately 1,500-student increase bringing total enrollment to a record 81,000 students since 1973.
“This increase in enrollment and the heightened confidence of Denver’s families in DPS is a great testament to the work of our teachers and our school leaders,” says Superintendant Tom Boasberg of DPS.
Over the course of six years, the district has made steady and positive growth on a path to better its schools and students for the future.
“The move from the worst to the first in academic and enrollment growth shows clearly that we’re on the right path,” says Boasberg, “but we’re still far from our shared goal of graduating all of our kids ready for success in college and in life.”
Boasberg says the district needs to accelerate its reforms to continue on its path to ready students for college and life.
Click here to read the full letter from Superintendant Tom Boasberg at Denver Public Schools.

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