This week, Matt Richtel’s article “In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores” on The New York Times received a great deal of hype following Tom Vander Ark’s rebuttal “Richtel’s Rearview Mirror Misses the Mark” on the Huffington Post and Getting Smart. Below are more than ten articles that stem from Richtel’s and Vander Ark’s articles and further drive the debate around technology in the classroom:
  1. Cramming Computers: It’s Still the Same Old Story” by Michael Horn on EducationNext
  2. Asking the Wrong Question On Ed Tech” by Jonathan Schorr on the New Schools Venture Fund blog
  3. Students Respond to NYT: Why Schools Need to Invest in Technology” on the Edmodo blog
  4. In Classroom of Future, Outdated Testing Can’t Keep Up” by Tina Barseghian on MindShift
  5. Education Technology and Other People’s Children” by Anne O’Brien on Learning First Alliance
  6. The Future of Technology in Our Schools: What Next?” by Livewire on
  7. Yes, Technology in Schools Mostly Stinks” by Matthew K. Tabor on Education Debate at Online Schools
  8. Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value” by Kelly Searsmith on New Learning
  9. Is technology in the classroom a bust?” by Davin McHenry on HechingerEd
  10. Good Tech, Bad Tech: Why Do We Lump All Tech Together?” by Katrina on LessonCast
  11. A moron with a computer is still a moron” by Joanne Jacobs on Linking and Thinking On Education
  12. In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores” by Whitney Tilson on Whitney Tilson’s School Reform Blog
  13. In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores. Aka tech apparently not living up to promise (ie higher test scores)” by Michael Gallagher on Michael Sean Gallagher
What are your thoughts on Richtel’s recent article and the use of technology in schools?


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