Amazon Offers Textbook Rentals For Kindle

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Textbooks are a huge expense to college students, requiring them to fork over hundreds of dollars every three to five months and receive little return on the buy-back value. Not to mention, textbooks can literally be a pain the back when carrying from class to the library and back home. Now, students can rent textbooks on a Kindle – a huge pay off for college students’ wallets and backpacks.
THE Journal announced Tuesday that online retail giant, Amazon, will allow students to rent tens of thousands of textbooks from its on-demand platform for Kindle. The textbooks include works from major publishers such as John Wiley & Sons, Elsevier, and Taylor Francis.
According to the article, students can customize the rental period between 30 and 360 days. This means that students can have access to the textbook while they need it, without buying it out right. Once rented, students can access the works with free Kindle Reading apps on multiple other devices such as a computer or iPad.
In addition, students can take and save notes in Whispersync, Amazon’s cloud syncing technology that integrates all of your Kindle Reading applications. This will make studying or writing a research paper easier for students. This will also be a great solution to schools now cutting back on textbooks to purchase iPads.
For more information, read “Amazon Launches On Demand Textbook Rental for Kindle” on THE Journal. Click here to read more about the rental program on Amazon.

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