Photo courtesy of Fielding Nair International

Prakash Nair, the president of Fielding Nair Interational, published a commentary on Education Week this July arguing that the classroom, a relic from the Industrial Revolution, has been obsolete for several decades. His article upholds important discussion in education reform and learning development.

Nair warns that the preservation of the classroom “could permanently sink our chances of rebuilding our economy and restoring our shrinking middle class to its glory days.” He says that classroom-based education falls short of the demands of the 21st century workforce.

When researched and measured scientifically, Nair says that students need personalized education for improved achievement, better environments for learning and schools designed for instructional needs.

Nair points to questions around how students learn and the best environments and educators to maximize learning. He concludes that school designs in the future need to be more scientifically founded to support better teaching and learning for today’s world and its professions.

Read Nair’s original article “The Classroom Is Obsolete: It’s Time for Something New” on Education Week.


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