This article first appeared in the Shelby-Utica Patch

The Utica Community Schools’ AdvancePath Academy finds a new and permanent home to help students have continued success.

The AdvancePath Academy does just that: advance students on their path through high school and on to college.  But now this academy is following a path of its own: to a new, permanent location at the Training and Development facility on 18 Mile Road in Sterling Heights.

AdvancePath* opened its doors in September of last year in hopes of providing a new, alternative education program compared to the traditional alternative learning model.  This academy offers a blended model of learning that includes elements of online learning with traditional instruction, supported by teachers who are learning mentors.  The small group environment allows students to work at their own pace.

According to AdvancePath administrator Tim Youngblood, Utica Community Schools created this program as a way to improve the success rates of students struggling to complete high school.  And it worked.

In its first year, AdvancePath saw the number of program graduates grow by more than four times.  Even more remarkable, every AdvancePath graduate indicated they were pursuing post-secondary education.

After such a successful year, this academy is looking forward to being able to move from a rented location to a permanent site where they can continue to help students.  While four underclassman were able to return to their home school, AdvancePath is expecting more than 100 students to return to finish their high school education.

There are high expectations for both the program itself and the students that take part in it. This move is just one more step on the right path to making sure everyone achieves their goals.

* AdvancePath is  Learn Capital portfolio company


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