Joel Klein Reviews Class Warfare & Special Interest

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Joel Klein, the executive vice president at News Corp and CEO of the company’s education division, published a review this weekend of “Class Warfare” by Steven Brill and “Special Interest” by Terry M. Moe that touch on the decade-long American debate over public education.
Klein discusses the two sides of the debate, the “traditionalists” and the “reformers,” as he explores the agendas for change in public education and the crisis we now face. His well-written review takes a look at the Obama administration, charter schools, grassroots efforts by key educators, teacher unions, school systems, technology and more through the writers Brill and Moe.
Klein’s article is worth a read to learn more about the continuing debate around education reform in the U.S. Read the full article “Learning the Hard Way” by Joel Klein on The Wall Street Journal.

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