iTunes is Taking the Education World by Storm

Is your library out of your favorite book? Would you like to take your book home for break? Want to read your favorite book on a plane ride or road trip? University of South Florida is making this very easy now. iTunes and USF have started Lit2Go:

a collaboration between the Florida Department of Education and the University of South Florida College of Education — supports literacy by providing access to recordings of historically and culturally significant literature. The extensive collection of hundreds of audiobooks, stories, and poems, including classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Aesop’s Fables, and A Tale of Two Cities — all for free on iTunes.

Now there is no reason for not finishing your book report! Schools are making it increasingly easy to access information from several sources. It is a more efficient, a green way of teaching and learning, not to mention for free. The iTunes U world instantly expands your reach to knowledge and information. There are options to research by subject, school, and company, all at the tip of your fingers!
In addition to schools offering iTunes downloads of audiobooks, stories and more, there has been a recent explosion of learning applications for the iPad. Growing up my sister and I were only allowed to watch a certain amount of TV and spend a certain amount of time online. Most of my time on the computer was spent playing learning related games that had to be purchased at the store and downloaded onto the desktop. Now children have the option to download and instantly be playing an educational game through the application store on iTunes. My four-year-old cousin knows how to pull up several learning games and could even teach me Spanish through an iPad application.
Digital education is changing the way that all ages are learning; from educational games for young children, sharing content on programs such as Edmodo, or purchasing a book through iTunes U. Companies and consumers both are benefiting from the progress that has been made in the technology world.

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