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This is from an email written by Michael Levine, introducing the release of “Learning: Is There an App for That?“:

Learning: Is There an App for That?  The report shares data collected through three quantitative and observational studies conducted by the Center in conjunction with PBS Kids, Sesame Workshop, Hotspex Survey Research and Rockman et al and documents for the first time the design, development and research issues related to the use of educational apps for young children’s (preschool and primary age) learning.  The study found that while parents remain understandably skeptical about the value of apps for their children’s learning and healthy development, there are many ways in which educationists and industry allies can design more substantial educational materials to deliver on mobile platforms.

You can visit the Cooney Center web site and download your copy of the report here. Levine says that the Center welcomes feedback and comments on the report.

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