The Changing Nature of Games, Simulations and Virtual Worlds, LEEF Blog

As the planning beings for LEEF 2011 (June 16-17), it’s amazing to think how much games, simulations and virtual worlds for learning have matured over the past two years. And yet, there is so much more untapped potential.

From the LEEF blog:

In actuality, just as games for learning is not a new idea (we’ve been playing games to learn since the beginning of man), games for “organizational” improvement is not an entirely new concept.  Evacuation drills and fire drills provide a glimpse of the concept.  Those “simulations” provide opportunities for individual performance enhancement, but they also consider the systemic improvements that need to be made to make the operation more efficient and effective (less dangerous).

Check out Jonas Huckestein’s take on the potential for games and simulations AS “the work solution” in his February 2010 Business Idea Of The Week blog post.

Are games and simulations being used in your education or business environment AS the learning solution?  What impact do they have?  Can you see a time when games and simulations are used AS “the work (or education) solution?”  Do you think you’ll be doing “Sales Call Drills” in the near future?


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