Open High School of Utah Encourages K-12 Disruption

Open High School of Utah will be presenting two workshops at the Open Education Conference in Barcelona, Spain on November 1-4. Following that they will be attending the premier annual Virtual School Symposium hosted by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), where Open High has been invited to present three workshops on November 14-16 in Glendale, Arizona.
At the Open High School of Utah they’ve changed the typical approach to public education by turning the traditional one-size-fits-all delivery model on its head. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the digital generation, their customized curriculum combined with student-centric instruction is attracting education reformers and teachers who want to know more. Open High’s innovative combination serves as a game changer in the education arena where they’re making waves across the world.
What really sets the Open High School of Utah apart? Technology rules at OHSU where their approach to learning embraces the idea that teaching shouldn’t be as static as the textbooks on which it’s based. Defying traditional methods, the OHSU curriculum is built from open educational resources (OER), making it possible to be easily modified in order to meet individual student needs. A dynamic, engaging curriculum is then delivered online, meaning the role of the teacher is transcended; one-on-one tutoring based on a data-driven approach is business as usual at OHSU, providing students individualized instruction when they need it in every subject, allowing them the flexibility to work at their own pace.
The Open High School of Utah takes innovation one step further. They actually share their open source curriculum with anyone worldwide, for free, making OHSU the first secondary school in the world to create their curriculum from open educational resources and then share those courses back as OER available to all. The process of creating and sharing curriculum based on OER is similar to the advent of the printing press, which made information available to the masses rather than a select few.
Individual tutoring coupled with a modifiable curriculum have produced superior results at OHSU, with criterion-reference test scores soaring over ten points above the state average in both Science and English, almost unheard of for a public school in their first year of operation!
The Open High School of Utah is poised to change public education for the better by putting the focus where it should be – on the individual student. Their 21st century approach is grabbing worldwide attention!
The Open High School of Utah invites you to learn more about their teaching model and curriculum at and by watching this brief video clip, courtesy of
The Open High School of Utah is putting the focus where it should be – on the student. Our mission is to facilitate lifelong success by meeting the needs of the 21st century learner through individualized, student-centered instruction, innovative technology, service learning, and personal responsibility.

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