Moving From En Masse Learning to One-to-One

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article, Blending Computers Into Classrooms, highlights how PS 100 in the Bronx is integrating Time To Know to change the way their students learn, according to Joshua Behar the US General Manager for Time To Know, a comprehensive LMS that provides a content management system and content for teaching professionals. He sent an email the other day suggesting this is becoming a very strong trend.
Here is a splice from the article in the Wall Street Journal article linked above:

“We are shifting from a whole-group mentality to an individual-child mentality,” said John White, the DOE deputy chancellor in charge of labor and innovation in schools. Because some of these programs allow children to learn at their own pace, the teacher “can spend more time with each individual child over the course of the day. Research has shown that individual attention is an enormous tool,” he said.

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According to Behar, in addition to PS 100, Time To Know expanded to 133 classrooms, in 28 schools, reaching more than 3,300 in the US.  They have also expanded their curriculum to both 4th and 5th grade in New York and Texas, and launched a new version of the company’s “Digital Teaching Platform.”

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