There’s more than a handful of us trying to figure out post-LMS (learning management systems) world—at least the post web 1.0 course manager stuff that looks like higher ed circa 1999.  Pontydysgu contemplated edupunk alternatives.

I’m reviewing a dozen web 2 tools; most are lightweight free (or cheap) platforms with a social wrapper hoping for monetization through premium service.   None seem prepared for the degree of personalization to come and with it the flood of data from content-embedded assessment.  None really include an adequately robust smart student profile.

Here’s use useful thinking from Open University.  Page through the deck; page 22 suggests the smart student profile sits in the ‘Social Learn’ layer.  I’d like to know more.

Maybe smart profiles will be added to next gen SIS (student info systems).  Perhaps we could think of smart student profiles as apps that run on a social learning widget platform that can easily be customized by state, school, network, etc.

Combined with a smart recommendation engine, a smart profile would help create powerful PLE (personalized learning environments).

A few common transcript elements included in a portfolio app would increase the portability and extend the usefulness of these post-LMS platforms.

Stay tuned for some important learning platform developments over the next 12 months.



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