LMS Report: Big Push Towards Virtual Training

I found this report over at Nicole Fougere’s blog LITMOS, which she uses to write about Learning Management Systems, course design, social learning and other compelling changes to education. You can follow her on Twitter by following her @Schnicker handle.
From her blog post:
An April 2010 independent report from UK organization IMC (UK) Learning Ltd called “Learning Management Systems – are organisations making the most of them?” has some blog worthy statistics in it that I’ve outlined below.
The focus of the study was the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in UK organizations. The research was conducted online by Spectrum Consulting amongst directors (21%), senior managers/heads of department (25%), operational staff (34%) and supervisory staff (20%).
The 101 respondents were from the following size UK organizations:

  • 31% had more than 5000 employees
  • 18%  had 1501 – 5000
  • 29% had 101-1500
  • 5% had 11-1000
  • 17% had 1-10

Use of Learning Management Systems (LMS)/Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

  • 66% already have an LMS/VLE
  • 21% do not have an LMS/VLE and do not plan to
  • 13% plan to use an LMS/VLE

Length of time respondents’ organizations have used an LMS/VLE

  • 45% – More than 5 years
  • 40% – 2 – 4 years
  • 3% – Within the last year
  • 12% – Don’t know

Satisfaction with LMS / VLE

  • 30% – said their LMS/VLE has worked well and they are completely satisfied with it
  • 30% – voiced concerns that their LMS/VLE might not meet future requirements
  • 8%  – it has worked well but will definitely not meet future requirements
  • 7% – it has not worked well and we plan to change it
  • 8% – it has not worked well but its use is mandated by others in the organization

Frequency of Use of Specific Functionality – % that responded Frequently or Always

  • 44% – Blended Learning / Course management
  • 38% – Built-in content management tools
  • 32% – ILT / Classroom management tools
  • 30% – Management reports
  • 25% – Built in collaboration tools
  • 20% – Competency / performance management tools
  • 13% – Talent Management
  • 8% – Built-in eCommerce

I was quite shocked to read that 70% of respondents are not satisfied with their current LMS. I really hope that figure turns around in the next few years after clients have completed contract lock-ins or found more suitable solutions for their organization.

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