After doing months of research and interviewing more than 100 theorists, thinkers and investors in education philanthropy, the Hewlett Education Program is set to channel money into strategies that develop students’ preparation for working in a global economy.

The key aspects of the deeper learning module include four efforts to:

# Promote policies or strategies that create incentives for schools to focus on deeper learning, concentrating initially on improving the assessments used to measure students’ academic growth;
# Build educational systems capacity and teaching practices both online and in the classroom to reach large numbers of students using deeper learning principles;
# Support proof points including model K-12 schools and community colleges, and fund research that promotes deeper learning as an attainable and necessary goal for all students; and
# Develop new, innovative models to increase access for all students and to improve deeper learning

You can also visit the Hewlett site for a more specific listing of the Hewlett deeper learning strategy.


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