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Listening to Governor Bob Wise from AEE talk about the woeful state of the American school system. He’s charting for us how we are reaching a deficit cliff, where state systems lagging behind national economic recovery will for many years not have enough money to support education fully.

He’s also pointing out that teachers are retiring, and the teachers who have replaced them have dropped the average teacher classroom experience number from 15 years to two, between 1987-88 and 2007-8.

He keeps stressing that it’s about bringing content into the classroom cheaply and efficiently. We can use phones, computers, online education. How else do we get around problems like in Georgia, where there are 440 high schools, and only 88 physics teachers. And new teachers are not being pumped out of University of Georgia. They are not producing enough teachers to make up for the shortfall. We need new routes to certification.


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