SIIA Releases Evaluation Research Guidelines for EdTech

SIIA has released a new study called Conducting and Reporting Product Evaluation Research: Guidelines and Considerations for Educational Technology Publishers and Developers.
Here is its purpose:

The Guidelines provide 22 standards of research best practice for publishers and developers of educational software and other instructional technologies.
The Guidelines also are intended to help researchers, policy-makers and education officials advance their understanding of research challenges unique both to studies of technology and to publisher-commissioned research in general, including the appropriate balance between the rigor, timeliness and usefulness of evaluation studies.
“SIIA members have responded to education’s call for accountability and evidence by enhancing the scale, scope and rigor of their research investments,” said Mark Schneiderman, senior director of education policy for SIIA. “The Guidelines further respond to the educational sector’s need for best practices on how to design, conduct and report studies evaluating the effectiveness of technology-based products and services, and in so doing, will help provide educators with information that is of the greatest value in helping them select interventions.”

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