New Hope for Alternative Teaching Certification?

The online course, hosted by PBS TeacherLine, provides a convenient option for educators to ensure they receive the high-quality training needed to guide peers effectively. Candidate Support Providers – NBCTs, teacher leaders, school counselors, principals, professors, and others – help teachers to better analyze and reflect on their practice as it relates to the NBPTS Standards, to understand the certification process, and to demonstrate evidence of the standards in practice.
“National Board Certified Teachers are proven leaders in education. By having them serve as candidate support providers, schools and school districts will embed a commitment of professional teaching standards beyond the classroom,” said Joseph A. Aguerrebere, president and CEO of NBPTS. “Their leadership skills are critical in helping other teachers as they face the challenge of the National Board Certification process. We are pleased to collaborate with PBS TeacherLine to ensure high-quality online professional development.”

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