President Obama addressed the dropout crisis this week.  He outlined federal efforts to support turnaround efforts and mentioned the Central Falls effort as an example, “As my Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, says, our kids get only one chance at an education, and we need to get it right.”

He mentioned dropout prevention programs promising “we’ll build on the efforts of places like Communities in Schools that make sure kids who are at risk of dropping out have one-on-one support.  That’s why we’ll follow the example of places like the Met Center in Rhode Island that give students that individual attention, while also preparing them through real-world, hands-on training the possibility of succeeding in a career.”

The president’s press brief also featured college pathways programs including Early College High Schools and dual enrollment.

It is interesting to note what was not in his remarks or press release–ESEA reauthorization.  With no juice in the WH or congress for reauthorization it seems clear that it is not happening this year.  That’s ok, just creates more time for RttT to change the edu-landscape in half the states.


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