Tom Vander Ark

US over Spain, Turkey, Mexico in Edu-Squeaker

The NYTimes reports that “Among O.E.C.D. countries, only New Zealand, Spain, Turkey and Mexico now have lower high school completion rates than the U.S.,” Mr. Schleicher said. About 7 in 10 American students get a high school diploma.
The Times also notes that 15 year olds in most OECD countries are academically a year ahead of their US counterparts.
The guy from the OECE said we have governance upside down: “America’s system of standards, curriculums and testing controlled by states and local districts with a heavy overlay of federal rules is a “quite unique” mix of decentralization and central control, Mr. Schleicher said. More successful nations, he said, maintain central control over standards and curriculum, but give local schools more freedom from regulation, he said.”

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