Learning from Leaders, Students and Educators at SXSW EDU Part Two

This episode is the second in the two-part series from our time spent at SXSW EDU. Getting Smart was a media partner at the conference and while there got to meet and interview thought leaders, change makers, and even a few students. If you haven’t listened to part one yet, you can listen here.

In this episode, our team interviews SXSW EDU attendees on why they attended the conference and what their predictions are about the future of work and learning. Listen in to hear interviews with Stephen Turnipseed, Executive VP and Chief strategy officer at Pitsco; Dr. Elaine Metcalf, Principal of Summit Technology Academy; and Saro Mohammed, partner at the Learning Accelerator. They discuss blended learning, their hopes for the future of learning, and why they love SXSW EDU. Lastly, we sit down with students from the MET School who share their experiences at the project-focused school. They talk about why they believe in the power of projects, the skills they think are the most valuable for graduates, and why they love the MET.


Key Takeaways:

[:33] About today’s podcast and guests.
[1:28] About Stephen’s Turnipseed’s work and his thoughts on education becoming increasingly more connected.
[4:05] Why Dr. Elaine Metcalf loves SXSW EDU.
[4:54] What Dr. Elaine Metcalf sees as the diploma of the future.
[6:50] Saro Mohammed’s educational background and role at Learning Accelerator.
[7:46] Why Saro is at SXSW EDU.
[8:50] The skills Saro sees as necessary for students to be equipped with when facing college or career.
[10:25] What skills should the diploma of the future include?
[12:04] What could shift in education to get us to Saro’s ideal future classroom?
[14:15] Emily interviews student from MET and they all introduce themselves.
[15:25] What the MET is all about and why these students love it.
[17:50] What they’re passionate about and investigating through their internships and projects.
[20:14] How working on projects has helped develop their agency and learn about what they’re passionate about.
[22:28] What skills these students believe are going to most benefit them as a graduate.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Summit Technology Academy
The MET High School
The Learning Accelerator

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