The KnowledgeWorks Future of Learning map points into the fog with the following identified implications:

·          Resilient School Communities: I’ll buy the need for better connections and more transparency

·          Amplified Educators and Learners: agreed—innovation will emerge from outside the formal system.  This would have been a great spot for a little scenario planning including new learning models (they attempted to add depth on ‘Learning Agents’ but skipped the more important topic of learning formats

·          A Global Learning Economy: we’re seeing the development of a ‘global learning ecosystem’ supporting but outside the formal education system. 

·          Design as Philosophy: they identified the two big change forces

o   Data about preferences and interactions”

o   emerging toolset for “designing personalized learner-centered experiences and environments”

·          Contested Authorities: here’s an important quote, “As the hierarchical structure of education splinters, traditional top-down movements of authority, knowledge, and power will unravel…Authority will be a hotly contested resource.“

·          Diversifying Learning Geographies: a little more hyperbole in this section, but they get the important point—progress will be spiky based on barriers and leadership (“deserts and oases”). 

It’s easy to skim this site (or the cool colored wall chart) and miss how fundamental the changes in student experience, organizational structure, and political power that are now possible—changes that will happen where there is room to innovate, leadership for change, and smart public/private investors.   


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