ConnCan is probably the most effective state-based education advocacy organization.  Education policy is particularly complicated in CT with a legacy of strong local control (e.g., the state provides less than 40% of funding).  But ConnCan has boiled the problem down to a simple and powerful mission:

We will not rest until every child in our state, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, has access to a great public school. 

The Good School Promise should be central to federal, state, and local education policy.  It implies, measurement, accountability, choice, and the capacity to improve or replace failing schools. 

There was a well-deserved reception last night for founder and Chairman, Jon Sackler.  As an early investor in CMO Achievement First, Jon’s philanthropy and advocacy is a great example of a regional philanthropist/activist—creating great new schools and improving public policy. 

Let’s make the ConnCan good school promise a reality.



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