The Shift to Digital Education: Four Hallmarks of Digital Learning Success


Authored by Mickey Revenaugh, Tom Vander Ark and Jessica Slusser

June 2016

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In The Shift to Digital Education, published in partnership with Pearson, we first examine why we must embrace digital learning in today’s classroom, and then we tackle the how.

Without question, technology has the power to enhance student learning outcomes and to personalize the learning experience for each student. Determining how to best approach the digital learning shift is complex.

But at the core, “to realize the full potential of technology…the shift to digital learning requires an intentional, well-developed plan for implementation that begins and ends with teaching and learning.”

Throughout the paper, we explore the four hallmarks necessary for success in the shift to digital ed:

1. Shared Vision for Powerful Learning.

Collaboration with all stakeholders forms a vision – students, teachers, parents, business leaders, local leaders, policy makers, the community at large – and guides the planning and implementation of digital education from start to finish. Several districts and national organizations demonstrate exceptional collaboration in creating a shared vision and establishing frameworks for learning outcomes.

2. Empowered Teachers and Leaders.

A state of coherence means everything works together for students and teachers. Coherence can be achieved in two ways through an enterprise or portfolio approach.

3. Innovative Digital Learning Models.

There is a myriad of ways to design a learning model, but the key to success lies in the user experience – how the teachers and learners carry out the change in the classroom.

4. Thoughtful Approach to Purchasing and Evaluating EdTech.

Any and all EdTech purchases should be strategic in nature, aligning with the vision for learning, goals and desired outcomes.

Throughout the paper, authors give real examples from schools and networks around the country that are exhibiting the four hallmarks of success on the path to digital learning, tips for implementing your own plan and strategies to help make sure you’re reaching each of the four hallmarks needed.

To accompany the paper, Pearson also published a new infographic – 10 Signals You’re on the Path to Digital Learning Success.


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