Town Hall Recap: What’s Next in Learning 2022

The Getting Smart team recently hosted the second annual  What’s Next in Learning Town Hall. These special town halls kick off each new year by giving you an idea of what’s on our mind and giving us an idea of what’s on your mind. This information enables us to provide content and resources that speak to your needs throughout the year.

Once again we kept coming back to innovation for equity: “What does equity and inclusivity really mean? It goes past the work,” said our MC, Shawnee Caruthers. 

Throughout, the audience asked some great questions to both push our thinking and to further push us forward in developing resources: 

  • How do we operationalize POG and get it off the wall?
  • What do we do when our PoG runs into the reality of our situation/system?
  • What are your thoughts on teacher trainings that prepare teachers for the depth of knowledge effective implementation of exploratory learning requires teachers to hold?

Together, we discussed community-connected projects:

“The challenge question is always relevant and applicable to the local community, i.e., ‘Reimagine a product, process or place to make it more equitable, accessible or useful to your community.'”

We discussed the role of design: 

“The process is probably more important than the actual result. We need to get people thinking in the same pattern to get any change.”

We got TONS of examples of Portraits of a Graduate:

“Our POG also is serving as our overarching framework in our strategic plan and was instrumental in the development of our new mission and vision.”

And we discussed a range of trends and innovations that we’ve been seeing in the field:

What’s Next?

Our next Town Hall will take place Feb 10, 2022 and will focus on The Great Unbundling: Rethinking Credit in the Modern Age. We can’t wait to discuss this super important and future forward topic with you all. Register here!

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