Kiko Suarez on Comprehensive Learner Records

Key Points

  • Learner records are as much about working on the education side as the corporate side. 

  • People are reinventing themselves for a third career. 

Comprehensive Learner Records

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom Vander Ark is joined by Kiko Suarez, VP of Higher Education and Workforce Development at Territorium, a global edtech company connecting learners with recommended jobs. Territorium recently launched its a AI-powered Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), into the U.S. to break down the barriers between universities and employers.

Let’s listen in as Tom and Kiko discuss why learner records are so important, the state of higher education and who decides which skills are most important. 

On Higher Education

My hope is that we can actually start enabling technology to allow you to get granular in certain things […] the course concept is great and the grades are great and I love the transcripts, but they only serve a purpose and they do not serve the purpose of providing a bridge to the to the labor market.

Kiko Suarez

On Comprehensive Learner Records

[Now] we have to reinvent ourselves. The resume is outdated and we don’t have all these skills that are more recent, so I think [comprehensive learner records are] gonna be the way to reduce friction between what you learn, the institutions of learning and then the world of the label market.

Kiko Suarez

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