Getting Smart Podcast | Experiencing Place-Based Education at Teton Science Schools

In July, Getting Smart launched Learning & The Power of Placea thought leadership campaign designed to raise awareness of Place-Based Education (PBE).
We took on this effort because we believe PBE is currently missing from the global discussion of powerful personalized learning models that can boost access and outcomes to better equip learners with skills to address the challenges of the modern world.  
We partnered with Teton Science Schools as our expert PBE advisors and headed to their four campuses to learn more. My visit to the TSS campuses in Wyoming and Idaho was a powerful, place-based professional learning experience. The PhotoBlog from my visit shows through images how TSS immerses learners in interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lessons across the curriculum and out in the world.  
But, to truly understand the “power of place” as we experienced it, we wanted to share the voices of the students, teachers and leaders at TSS. As we explain in the podcast, this one’s a little different from our usual format. Ready to experience place-based learning? Check out our “audio field trip” to Teton Science Schools in the first of our PBE podcast series. Look for upcoming podcasts that explain more about implementation, as well as a set of implementation guides in early 2017.

This blog is part of our “Place-Based Education” blog series. To learn more and contribute a guest post for the series, check out the PBE campaign page. Join in the conversation on social media using #PlaceBasedEd. For more on Place-Based Education, see:

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