EduCatered: Ululani Shiraishi, Kamehameha Schools Maui

Key Points

  • Life is all about slowing down — but things keep happening fast/speeding up. It’s about taking the time.

  • It is important to rethink your school to ground it in culture and place to help provide learners with context.

Educatered Podcast: 001

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At Getting Smart, food, education, and innovation are at the heart of our recipe. This podcast mixes it all together to get to know teachers that are doing the work and making a difference. 

We start with the appetizer: what makes these educators unique. Then to the main course, stories and experiences that have helped to shape their practice. Finally, dessert, some tips for what you can do next — creating a future of learning that works for everyone.

We kick off the podcast series with Ululani (Ulu) Shiraishi, a middle school language arts teacher at Kamehameha Schools Maui. She is also a mother of three and a self-proclaimed laugher.

Shawnee chats with Ulu about a range of topics, ranging from salad goulash and listening to the importance of community and habit. She also expresses gratitude for the work of Ekela Kanaiaupio-Crozier, one of the first people to teach the Hawaiian language at the collegiate level.

Let’s dig in.

On Food

Sometimes I’m a cranberry in the bag bringer and sometimes I’m a homemade crouton with rosemary olive oil bringer.

Ulu Shiraishi

On Diversity

My diversity today is listening to people […] listening below the words of people, to the heart of people.

Ulu Shiraishi

On Leading

I love to ask ‘what’s the place that grew you?’ The Hawaiian culture feeds us. I want the kids to move through each day in this place that grows them and feeds them.

Ulu Shiraishi

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