Dr. Kim Alexander and Alton Frailey on Rural Innovation

Key Points

  • Innovation is messy work. Not every idea is a great idea and you tend to get more bad ideas than good ones.

  • Set the goal and then figure out how to get there. You have to commit to something.

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Nate McClennen is joined by Kim Alexander and Alton Frailey from Collegiate Edu Nation (CEN). 

Kim is the CEO of Collegiate Edu Nation and has spent most of his career at Roscoe Independent School District where he served as superintendent from 2003 to 2019 before transitioning to lead CEN. Kim has done so much in Roscoe to promote early college and STEM to support disadvantaged rural students.

Alton has been in the education world for 35 years, serving as a superintendent for two districts in Texas and one in Ohio. Alton is involved in numerous boards and community organizations both locally and nationally. and He is currently President of Alton L. Frailey & Associates, LLC, specializing in leadership development, community engagement, school board team building, and executive coaching.

“The three R’s: the rigor, the relevance and the relationships and I would argue that of those three, which are all important, relationships is by far the most important and the smaller the setting the easier it is to have close relationships with people.”

Dr. Kim Alexander

Let’s listen in as they discuss rural innovation in Texas schools, and more about CEN. 

Check out their recent playbook for more information.

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