Dr. Gilda Barabino on Olin College’s Powerful Learning Environments

Key Points

  • The pandemic gave us the opportunity to rethink what change looks like, what innovation looks like. 

  • Engineering must be for everyone. To do that we may need to change the definition of what engineering is. 

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On this episode, Tom Vander Ark is  joined by Dr. Gilda Barabino, the President of the Olin College for Engineering.

Dr. Barabino is also the Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Olin. She is the president-elect of AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and previously served as Dean of The Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York. 

Let’s listen in as they discuss chemistry, engineeringunleashed.com, the power of access and affordability and much more. 

If we don’t sharpen our skills in arts as well as engineering for example, social science as well as technical science […] it’s about bringing all of that together.

Dr. Gilda Barabino


1 person who shaped Dr. Barabino’s understanding

  • Her parents

2 insights from your work for edleaders 

  • The importance of active learning
  • The way difference making looks different for all learners

1 additional insight

  • It is so important to meet learners where they are and let them be who they are

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