New learning models, tools, and strategies have made it easier to open small schools of 15 to 150 students. Microschools may be full or part-time learning experiences for P-12 students. They can be useful as a short-term pilot or demonstration or long-term learning options.

Given their small size, microschools can be opened quickly in alternative spaces. Microschools quickly create new community-connected learning options (themes, careers, and experiences) for students. They can also be used to quickly address underserved student populations (preschool, dropout recovery, and career education).

We’ve been talking about microschools through the blog and in our town halls over the past few years. Check out that conversation below! Interested in working with us to develop your own microschool or simply want to learn more? Contact Jessica and let her know you’re interested in microschools.


Microlearning – Is Small the New Big Idea?

In a big world where platforms dominate, how can small, agile players shape the ecosystem? In education, how can microlearning - microschools and bite-sized learning - change the laying of the land?

Town Hall Recap: Microschools Can Lead To Macro Change

Last week, we hosted our April Getting Smart Town Hall, Microschools Can Lead to Macro Change. This event touched on the many ways in which microschools have come to the fore through the last year and how oftentimes they enable schools to be more agile, more personalized and more effective.

A Microschool on the Cutting EDGE of Learning

By: Dr. April Adams & Sara Wickham. A high school reimagines how learners can engage in deep learning on global issues within a microschool.

Microschools Can Lead to Macro Change

Microschools have numerous benefits for students and a macro impact on the communities they exist within.
Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis

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Living In Beta

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What if high school helped you pursue your passions and live and learn with purpose and intention? A new program, Living in Beta, is working to make this a reality.

Microschools Meet The Moment

The board of the nonprofit VELA announced this week a $1 million Meet the Moment grant program to grow new microschool opportunities.

Podcast: Patricia Deklotz on High School Transformation

Superintendent Patricia DeKlotz, a nationally recognized leader in personalized and competency-based learning, talks about smart suburban school redesign.

Why and How to Open a Microschool

Distinctive pathways and competency-based learning are just two of the reasons why microschools are gaining popularity. A look at microschools in the U.S.

Approaching Career Readiness in Alternative Education

Emily Liebtag and Lauren Barry visit Boston Day and Evening Academy to learn how they are paving new roads to college & career readiness.

Learning to Make a Difference at One Stone

One Stone believes that learners in every environment can find their voice and use it for good. Here's how its high school students are impacting communities, pursuing passions, and thinking globally.
Health Leadership High School in Albuquerque

11 Alternative Schools that are Real Alternatives

Trying to push all kids through a content-centric, compliance-oriented model just won’t work. A variety of alternative approaches have been attempted; here are a few approaches educators have to develop for youth that haven’t been successful in traditional schools.
tudents working on senior engineering projects at Design Tech High.

Why Schools Need Signature Learning Experiences

Signature experiences and signature building blocks can promote model efficacy, prioritize important outcomes for students and serve to differentiate schools and networks.

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