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20 Invention Opportunities in Learning & Development

20 Invention Opportunities in Learning & Development

As a culmination of our Invention Opportunity series, we have compiled a report that focuses on 20 areas where collective investment in learning and development could benefit the education system.

Invention Opportunity

15 Invention Opportunities in Learning

By: Tom Vander Ark. The pandemic quickly shifted modalities and use patterns and resulted in new capabilities and stretched perceptions of possibilities. Tom shares 15 opportunities for invention in learning.
Shared Reality

Invention Opportunity: Creating a Shared Reality

In the first of the Invention Opportunity series, Tom discusses the importance of shared reality - a necessity of leadership and systems.

Leaders Are Not the Chief Decider, They Are Decision Architects

Decision making now includes more complexity, more stakeholders, and more agreements needed to be reached. Leaders need better tools and templates to make better decisions yielding coherent and effective change.
A microschool in Wisconsin

The Biggest Source of Inequity Might Be the Way We Fund...

In America, there are several sources of inequities in wealth and income but Tom looks to uncover what might be the biggest source of inequity—school funding.

Reshaping Talent Development: Pandemic Edition

By: Steven Hodas. Teaching and leadership roles in education during a pandemic look incredibly different than before. Talent development in education moving forward will require the kinds of policies and supports that other sectors have previously looked to.
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Pandemic Opportunity: Rethink Education Accountability

Tom discusses what an updated accountability system may look like and what our school systems need to create equitable achievement.
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Invention Opportunity: Measuring What Matters

By: Devin Vodicka. It's time for an invention opportunity around assessments - create new policies, practices, and tools that encourage the development of purposeful goals tied to whole-child and competency-based learning progressions.

How To Unblock Curiosity And Build Creativity

Curiosity might be the most important disposition of the new age. Unlocking curiosity may the key to innovating.
Learner Outcomes

Human Work: Learn Stuff Computers Can’t Do

Learning design should be centered around the broader aims of what students can achieve and how they can solve the biggest problems facing society.
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We Built Boring Schools, Then We Put Them Online–Science Has the...

Now is the perfect time to explore important factors that go into building better learner experiences and schools.
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How to Take Responsibility for the Future of Education

By: Thomas Hatch. We must hold our communities accountable for making the changes in our society and education that we want to see and create equitable educational opportunities.
Empty Mall

Turning Dead Malls into Community Assets

Repurposing dead malls may be the right invention opportunity to create human development centers while salvaging returns for property owners.
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Your School Has Left the Building

By: Steven Hodas. Steven discusses why it’s time to move from institutional silos to community impact.

Eight Ways New Schools Innovate

With the rapid global shift to hybrid and remote learning, there is a renewed interest in new school models. Highlighted are eight ways schools are innovating.

The Opportunity for Personalized and Local Guidance

By: R. Caruthers R. Midles & T. Vanderark. Guidance on the next steps in learning and postsecondary planning can equally be tailored to each learner and their context.

Invention Opportunity In Early Learning And Development

Listed are ten invention opportunities in early learning and development that could reignite an equitable start in life and long-term economic mobility.
the future of learning

The Future of Learning with Dr. Pamela Moran, Byron Sanders and...

On this episode, Ed Hess, Pam Moran and Byron Sanders discuss the future of learning and, more specifically, the future of high school.

With Remote Professional Learning, The Opportunities Are Boundless

By: Juliana Finegan. With the move to remote learning, remote professional learning (PD) is also offering teachers a number of innovation opportunities.

How Portable Learning Records Will Unlock Education And Employment Opportunities

Comprehensive learner records have the ability to help students, teachers, and guardians track progress, coordinate services, and make informed decisions.

What’s the EdTech Vaccine? 10 Design Principles

There are 10 design shifts that represent an opportunity in learner experience and supporting learning tools that can improve the life trajectories of billions.