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Smart Review | The Flexible ELA Classroom

Amber Chandler's new book can inform a range of disciplines, serve the needs of public or private schools, and help anyone who deals in discipline-specific vocabulary, reading, presentations or projects.

Marketing & Communication

Olympic Dreaming: 5 Ways to Connect Kids Globally

Talking with students about global connectedness while the Olympics are still relevant is a great way to begin the school year and a perfect time to participate in “The Great Global Project Challenge.”

Personalized Learning

Are You Ready to Be a Change-Agent for Agency?

It’s time that we let go and gave back our students’ agency to learn. It’s time that we gave up the controls, so that our students can learn how to drive their own learning lives, time that we took control of our own learning to help our kids.


9 Ways to Get Your Grammar Game On: A Playlist

At the end of nearly every school year, a few parents will ask me for recommendations for websites or apps to help their children review grammar over the summer. So with the help of my colleague, Sarah Cauthen, I created a grammar review playlist with my students in mind.

Personalized Learning

Tomorrow Isn’t Tomorrow, It’s Today

As educators, we see ourselves as preparing children of today for their own tomorrows. Thus, we must face an urgent obligation to stare down that future and figure out what it means for our current practice.