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Slow Jam The Poem: A Jimmy Fallon Inspired Lesson Plan

What do you get when you cross Jimmy Fallon with a creative Language Arts class? An awesome "Slow Jam The Poem" lesson plan. Fallon is just too talented. In fact, I believe he could do just about anything sometimes like be a high school educator. If that was the case, his lesson plan would look like this.

Difference Making

All About That App, ‘Bout That App, No Trouble

By: John Hardison. A list of must-have apps, that will inevitably change overtime, but reflects the reality that acquiring the necessary skills for careers requires a combination of several tools to fashion a future that is both fulfilling and fruitful.


The Literary Revolver: An Interactive Structure from Studio 113

Frankly speaking, interactive learning structures work. By merging standards-based prompts, random selectiveness, a backchannel, improvisational acting, and overall creativity, Studio 113’s fairly new “Literary Revolver” places students on an engaging, challenging, and fun path to lesson mastery.


5 Teaching Habits to Tame Time

Something kicks my posterior way too often. It’s a frenemy of mine, you see. Yep, that’s right. FREN-E-MY. Think of polar opposites. Some days are swing and duck, while others are smile and enjoy good luck. Oh, yeah. Are you picking up what I’m laying down? I’m speaking of that ceaseless, consistent, and never-changing thorn in my side…and friend by my side.