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John Hardison is an interactive facilitator of learning and blended learning specialist at East Hall High School (Studio 113 & EPiCC). Follow him on Twitter: @JohnHardison1

Opportunity: The Heart of Passion-Based Learning

I am forever grateful to these teachers for all they instilled in me, and these creative opportunities now constitute the very heart of one of my favorite projects offered to students in "Studio 113" -- The Crucible Passion-Based Contract. Here are some of the recent opportunities and the results.

The Front Porch: A Rockin’ Interactive Structure

Getting Smart Teacher Blogger John Hardison shares Studio 113’s “Front Porch,” an interactive, discussion-based learning structure where improvisational acting meets a flowing and focused conversation.

Education Through Students’ Eyes: A Dry-Erase Animated Video

According to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., “It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.” However, when applied to education and the interactions between students and teachers, does this quotation ring true?

It May Be the End of the School Year If…

Still can't believe another school year has passed? Check out these 25 questions to bridge the gap between disbelief and reality.

A Teacher’s Soundtrack and the #EdSongs Challenge

Grab your old CDs, dust off your vinyl records, lay out your cassettes… or just thumb through your smartphone’s musical collection and give yourself just ten minutes to choose ten songs that vibrate to that melody of awesomeness, yet reality, that you embody as a professional educator. Then, you will have your very own “Teacher’s Soundtrack.”

PearDeck: A Fruitful EdTech Tool

This interactive website and Google Drive app adds interactivity to any slideshow by integrating free-text responses, multiple choice answers, freehand drawing renditions, drag-and-drop indicators, overlapping visuals, and even YouTube videos. Mixed in with other fruitful classroom activities during the school year, PearDeck will definitely help produce student engagement and, ultimately, acquired knowledge.

6 Steps Taken By An Indecisive Squirrel And A Creative Teacher

Perhaps it sounds a bit nutty, but I believe two of the most mesmerizing sights are that of an indecisive squirrel scurrying to cross a street and a passionately creative teacher immersed in her craft. In fact, I believe these two actions are nearly identical in nature.