Competency-Based Education

How a California Farming Community is Leading the Global Shift to Competency

Lindsay Unified has combined mission-driven leadership with remarkable continuity and incremental innovations to promote lifelong self-directed learning. The compounding effect is remarkably aligned schools, a powerful culture, and a system beginning to extend its impact nationally.

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Schools Worth Visiting

For many years (at least until 2020), we visited about 100 leading schools a year. It’s the most important form of professional learning we do for ourselves and for the educators that accompany us. It’s how we create and update a shared vision of powerful learning.  This page features some…

Schools Worth Visiting

70 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting

We believe school visits are the best form of professional learning. Based on a couple thousand school visits, and with help from colleagues and readers, we’ve compiled this list of elementary and middle schools that can give educators a better sense of what’s possible.

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SEL & Mindset

20 Reasons to Give Thanks for Teachers

Getting Smart is grateful for educators around the world that promote student-centered learning experiences. We’ve compiled 20 teacher behaviors that are making a positive impact in the lives of students and saying thanks.

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Difference Making

Why Students Should Co-author Learning

When students co-author their own learning in today's unpredictable world of accelerating change, they develop leadership and problem-solving skills. We visit different education spaces to see what co-design looks like.

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It’s Time to Plan Summer Learning Opportunities

By: R. Midles, S. Caruthers & T. Vander Ark. After a year of remote learning, now is the time to plan for engaging and equitable summer learning opportunities.

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Future of Learning

Eight Ways New Schools Innovate

With the rapid global shift to hybrid and remote learning, there is a renewed interest in new school models. Highlighted are eight ways schools are innovating.

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