Global Dignity Day: Teaching Compassion, Understanding and Tolerance

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration is a powerful document, which begins by acknowledging; “Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.” Dignity. Rights. Freedom. Justice. Peace. These are all aspects of humanity that are to be protected and respected, and yet we know they are often times still violated. The Declaration of Human Rights has made tremendous strides in ensuring human rights are protected, and organizations like Global Dignity are helping even the youngest of learners do their part in making certain that everyone is able to live a life of dignity.

On October 17th, Global Dignity will once again celebrate Global Dignity Day, a day dedicated to teaching learners how to “tap into values of kindness, understanding, tolerance, and compassion.” Last year, Dignity Day was celebrated by over 680,000 people in over 70 countries from around the world. This year, many more are expected to partake in the celebration, which is especially timely given the Declaration’s anniversary and the ongoing efforts to encourage people to stand up for human rights.

Teaching Dignity

Around the world dignity themed learning experiences may vary from workshops to assemblies, to in-class lessons. Learn more about this year’s Dignity Day from Global Dignity Co-Founder, Crown Prince Haakon:

While Dignity Day falls on a single day, the hope is that the day is a catalyst for teaching dignity throughout the year. Global Dignity has made this easy by providing a collection of resources which can be used on Dignity Day and over the course of the year. The collection contains learning experiences (broken up by age group and starting at age 5), toolkits, and supplemental resources that have all been designed to make bringing dignity to learners meaningful and relatable.

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Taking Action

Today’s youth will become future the leaders, change agents, and role models that will move our world forward. It is up to us, today, to help them step into those roles with compassion, understanding, and tolerance for all human beings. To get started we encourage you to check out the Global Dignity, Dignity Day materials, along with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights 70th Anniversary Campaign.

Comment below on how you are planning to incorporate dignity and human rights into your setting and join the Dignity Day conversation using #GlobalDignityDay.

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