Smart List: 30 High-Quality Learning Platforms

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Platforms can help EdLeaders, administrators and educators accomplish a variety of challenging tasks, such as powering and tracking personal learning plans, managing assignments and dynamic grouping, supporting the development of standards-aligned projects, combining formative assessment in a standards-based grade book, and connecting students, parents and teachers anywhere on any device.

Today we’re recognizing 30 platform providers who deserve a round of applause–if you’re interested in learning more, see our past Smart Bundle on how (and which) platforms can help you accomplish your goals.

Comprehensive K-12 Platforms (LMS & content)

  • Apex: Digital curriculum designed to actively engage students in learning, combining embedded supports and scaffolds
  • Connections Learning: Provides K-12 online courses on the Connexus platform
  • Edgenuity: A comprehensive set of online and blended content and management offerings
  • Edmentum: Adaptive assessments paired with powerful learning paths for K-8 reading, language arts, and math
  • FuelEd: Innovative digital curriculum, technology, instruction, and support enabling you to create a learning environment that is just right for your students
  • GradPoint: Rigorous online curriculum, assessments, data, and reports in an easy-to-use LMS
  • SevenStar: Online Christian education options for grades 6-12
  • Summit Learning: A free online tool that helps students and teachers personalize learning

Learning Platforms (See Getting Smart on Next-Gen Learning Platforms)

  • Agilix: Offers formative assessments, individualized tasks, student-choice activities, and grouping options. (See our feature)
  • Alma: Designed to replace legacy SIS and LMS with a modern data infrastructure that can enable improved student engagement
  • AltSchool: Helps educators engage students, communicate with parents and collaborate with one another
  • Blackboard: Provides a range of LMSs, and is a HigherEd leader; owns Angel and Moodlerooms
  • Desire to Learn: A system with a simple, well-designed interface
  • Edmodo: Enables teachers to create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, manage progress and more
  • Edsby: An Ontario-based, K-12 designed, mobile, social and personalized solution
  • Touchpoint by Education Elements: Change management for district-wide programs
  • Fishtree: A Dublin-based, adaptive learner-relationship-management tool (see podcast on Columbus MS)
  • Gaggle: Launched as a safe email service in ‘99, it is now full LMS with safety features
  • Google Classroom: Create classes, distribute assignments and send feedback. (part of G suite for Edu)
  • Canvas by Instructure: A leading higherEd platform that hosts open courses on
  • itslearning: A Norway-based system that started in HigherEd, designed primarily for blended learning
  • Offers a range of content and tools
  • Mileposts from Silverback: Boise-based instructional improvement system catered towards personalized learning
  • Moodle: An open-source, integrated system that helps create personalized learning environments
  • Microsoft Classroom: Classroom and assignment management (part of Office 365 Education)
  • PowerSchool: Purchased Haikau LMS, and combined it with a leading SIS
  • RealizeIt: A Dublin-based adaptive learning platform, mostly focused on HigherEd CTE
  • Revel: HigherEd interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice and study
  • Sakai: An open-source, flexible alternative to commercial learning systems
  • Schoology: An LMS with robust collaborative tools

We’re sure we missed some great platforms. Which would you add? Share in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out our other recent Smart Lists at our Smart List Series Page.

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What would the best alternative setting learning platform be in your opinion? Grades 5-12 that offers a wide range of flexibility on the different learning levels students have.

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