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Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here, and we’ve got a couple of exciting things coming down the pipeline to celebrate–keep your eyes peeled, as next week we’ll be releasing details about a teacher sweepstakes!

Of course, we here at Getting Smart always appreciate teachers (consider this a virtual polished apple if you will, teachers). Since we know that one thing teachers appreciate is a tool that makes their lives easier, this week’s top eight news stories highlight new teacher resources that can help them save time or improve their practice.

Let’s Get Personalized

1. Competency-Based Education Contributes To Personalized Learning

Competency-Based Education really can be a great tool for achieving personalized learning.

#NewSchools & #EdTech Tools

2. Panorama Student Success

Whole-child development is important, but challenging. This new tool looks like it will help.

Dollars & Deals

3. Frontline Buys Teachers-Teachers

#Teachers & #EdLeaders

4. Coming This Summer: ISTE’s Refresh of Its Standards for Teachers

Have you been keeping up on your teacher PD?

5. Teacher-Powered Schools in Minnesota

Empowerment matters–all teachers should have a chance to take leadership and power their schools.

6. Competency-Based Education for Education Leaders and Teachers Webinar

Looking to get started with Competency-Ed? We recommend checking out some of our resources, then attending this webinar.

7. Teachers ARE Innovators:

Movers, Shakers & Groundbreakers

8. U.S. News Ranks Top 100 Schools

If you can’t get enough, check out our lists of 100 Middle & High Schools Worth Visiting and 85 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting.

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