Innov8: Education Transformation

Most classrooms operate much like they did a century ago: with lines of desks, a teacher at the front of the room speaking and student brains memorizing facts and figures. While we all know knowledge is power, we also know it needs to be the right kind of knowledge. We need to prepare students for success in college, career and life, and that starts in the classroom.

From a new personalized learning report from iNACOL to a white paper sharing 10 Principles For Schools of Modern Learning to help reimagine schools, this week’s eight stories show that we’re ready to stop talking about transforming our education system and start making changes.

#NewSchools & #EdTech Tools

1.Anytime, Anywhere Learning

We’re always excited to see new schools embracing anywhere, anytime learning—each new school adapts our view of what’s possible.

Digital Developments

2. Dream Solution

New blended learning tools can be especially helpful in math instruction.

#STEM Gems

3. Discover STEM Day

We love new resources for teaching STEM. In the past, we’ve even compiled our own recommendations.


4. AI Research Alliance

New technologies are closer than they appear—are you keeping up?

Planting a #SEAD

5. SEL Setup

Interested in developing great organizational culture? Don’t forget the 5 to Thrive Challenge!

Let’s Get Personalized

6. Personalized Learning Possibilities

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 3.17.21 PM.png

In the past, we’ve discussed that personalized learning is advancing human potential, and we’re excited about this new whitepaper—check it out.

#Teachers & #EdLeaders

7. Modern Learning

Let’s Get Personalized

8. Tech in #PLearning

Technology is having greater and greater impact in just about every field out there, but perhaps more so in personalized learning than elsewhere.

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