Educators across the country (likely many of you reading this post), work so hard to improve educational opportunities for students every day.

While we love hearing directly from educators about the impressive work they are doing and results that they are seeing, every once in awhile, it’s good to stop and think about those we are doing all of this work for and ask them for some input.

So what do today’s students think about transforming K-12 education toward personalized learning? And how has next generation learning impacted their learning experiences, growth and development? These are the questions iNACOL asked a group of students to discuss during the Student Plenary Panel keynote at this year’s Symposium.

The panel, facilitated by Student Voice National Field Director Andrew Brennen, was comprised of five students from across the U.S. with diverse backgrounds (and even more diverse life experiences). They shared how they reimagined and personalized their own educations to overcome many challenges and succeed at school.

We were able to capture their amazing stories and experiences for our podcast, so listen here to the voices of tomorrow’s leaders.

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