EdTech 10: Pure Imagination

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 
In honor of Gene Wilder, our favorite Willy Wonka of all time, this week’s top edtech stories share how edleaders are making the imagined come true.
From offering free virtual tours of U.S. National Parks to offering free world-class education to anyone, anywhere, here are the movers and shakers in education making dreams into reality.

Cool Schools & Tools

1. New Pub from Highlander and Christensen 

We agree inspiration, incubation, intermediation are keys to next-gen learning at scale

Digital Developments

2. Google Parks 360º

Let’s get students outside to learn–check out our place-based education campaign!
3. Duck, Duck, Moose!

4. Career Exploration App

This new game-based app supports today’s students with career exploration–we talk about the skills they’ll need to succeed in their future careers in Learning for Life: New Skills for New Jobs.

5. Monetizing EdTech

We’ve been studying learning platforms, here’s 8 observations.

Dollars & Deals

6. $42.8M to Panopto

7. $1M to Nepris

Stem Gems

8. 100 Days of Learning

9. STEM Girls

Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster Learning

10. Reimagining Higher Education

Speaking of lifetime learning, check out how to create your own anywhere, anytime playlist.


Guided Math and Reading Curriculum

Check out this Smart Bundle where we discuss the importance of teachers as curriculum designers.

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