EdTech 10: Goes Good with Turkey

In our fast-paced, quick to act world there are few times when we get to step back and take stock. Despite the fact that gratitude has been proven to be good for us, it’s often after the fact or forgotten. That is why Thanksgiving is increasingly important as we innovate, create and work together. This year, our team took to Twitter to share the love we have for each other. THANK YOU everyone who has contributed to our community this year. Here’s a special Thanksgiving EdTech 10 we hope you can enjoy alongside the cranberry sauce and Turkey.

Blended Schools & Tools

1. Better Than Ever. It’s back. The comprehensive online hub for blended resources, the Blended Learning Universe known as the “BLU” has expanded with new tools and resources.  

2. Blending in DC. Following our visit to DC schools, we couldn’t agree more with John Rice (@johnricedc), as quoted in a Washington Post feature, that blended learning can free teachers up so they can spend more time doing what they are best at: facilitating conversations, helping students who are stuck, or designing and assessing projects and writing.

Dollars & Deals

3. New on the Block. Online programming bootcamp, Bloc, announced that they’ve raised an additional $6 million investment bringing their total funding up to $8.5 million. With the Hour of Code just around the corner, this is another great resource for those about to code.

4. Pathway Up. Those looking to combine social networking with LMS have reason to celebrate with the recent launch of Pathgather, that like Schoology, was founded by Wash U grads hoping to leverage social learning like Edmodo.

Digital Developments

5. Greenwich Village Gearing Up. 1,000 NYU students per year will now learn startup concepts with the university’s adoption of Lean LaunchPad’s class as a standard entrepreneurship course. This is another example of New York City’s leadership in innovating.    

Smart Cities

6. Smart Development. In continuing coverage of Smart Cities, this week Tom described how teacher and leader development should be approached as a regional effort in both defining competencies and creating provider compacts.    

Power To The Parents

7. Future of Parent Info. Increased attention and evidence to role the of parents as leading advocates for high-quality learning opportunities was center stage as GreatSchools and Fordham Institute collaborated in a live web-event.

  8. VOTE or Turkey Fry. Polls for the My School Information Challenge (#SchoolInfo) close on Tuesday, December 2! Get out the vote to reimagine school report cards.  The finalists include some great designs.    

Skills To Pay The Bills

9. Mad Skills. Trends and important considerations for schools in supporting and assessing a more comprehensive set of Pre K-12 skills was released by EdCentral in a report aptly dubbed Skills for Success.

Policy Pieces

10. Looking Back, Pushing Forward. This week we returned from #EIE14 with MANY takeaways. Here are our top ten.

Bloc and Edmodo are portfolio companies of Learn Capital where Tom Vander Ark is a partner. The Foundation for Excellence in Education is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

Getting Smart Staff

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