It’s Time to Reimagine Writing Instruction


Many educators are excited about the shift to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) due to the new emphasis on college and career-readiness, but there’s another reason to be excited as well. The new standards were thoughtfully designed to show an increased emphasis on writing and writing instruction. With an evolving workforce that demands a post-secondary degree, it’s vital that our future generations experience success in writing different types of texts effectively.
In a recently released white paper, Reimagining the Way We Teach Writing in K–5, ELA expert Dr. Jim Cunningham discusses the importance of the more rigorous writing standards, the challenges teachers face in addressing them, strategies to successfully support teachers and how to use the writing process as a vehicle for instruction in all curriculum. This white paper is a great tool for educators and school leaders who are ready to face the challenges and rethink the way they teach writing to help their students become confident writers..
At the recent iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium, attendees brought to light the consensus that educators and school leaders have a good grasp on how to bring blended learning into math and STEM subjects but are struggling with ways to blend writing instruction. We’re excited to see new resources popping up that will provide the tools and resources to help successfully blend writing instruction.
The recent release of the Ready® Writing program (grades 2-5) from Curriculum Associates can play a role in blended learning initiatives, as it supports writing instruction based on the new, rigorous CCSS for ELA. Students learn to use writing as a tool for thinking and clearly communicating their knowledge and thoughts to better share information and persuade others. The innovative, research-based program, along with interactive strategies for writing promises to have a great impact on students and teachers in their path to becoming competent and confident writers.
How are you helping your students meet the new writing standards? Comment below!
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Curriculum Associates is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner. Tom Vander Ark is a director at iNACOL.

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Eric Nentrup

I'm SO eager to get feedback on a workflow I've used in my writing instruction ( Though pencil and paper are sufficient basic tools for one's practice of writing (and instruction), they don't scale well nor do they empower the teacher to give quick enough feedback to meet the rigor of the CCSS or other curricular demands from K all the way through 12.
We have to get students writing with the closest device to them, and deliver high quality feedback to their work that doesn't keep a teacher scribbling notes 'round the clock.
Great piece, and thanks for bringing these resources together!

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