Last week, i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction was named a winner of eSchool News’ 2014-15 Readers’ Choice Award, which honors the best products and services in EdTech.

Helping students make real gains and built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines adaptive diagnostic with personalized online and teacher-led instruction in a single online product. The adaptive diagnostics within i-Ready can pinpoint student needs down to a sub-skill level which then generates lessons unique to each student’s results.

“i-Ready provides educators with the most comprehensive online student and teacher-led instruction that personalizes learning and has been proven to improve student outcomes,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “This recognition is a great honor and particularly meaningful, because we were chosen by actual educators who use i-Ready and know firsthand the impact it has as part of the teaching and learning process.”

eSchool News’ readers, which consists of over 1,300 teachers, administrators and EdTech specialists from K-12 schools and districts around the country, submitted nominations that described how each product was used to improve teaching, learning or school administration. This resulting list gives insight into products and services that have show to be effective. Dennis Pierce, editorial director of eSchool News says “We hope readers will find this information valuable as they consider what technologies they should use in their own schools.”

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Curriculum Associates is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.


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