Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends

Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends
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This paper provides a snapshot of some of the dominant trends in the ever-evolving blended learning landscape, and takes a look at how innovative approaches are boosting achievement in elementary mathematics classrooms. The most important trend we see is a shift toward placing students firmly at the center of the learning process, enabled by blended learning approaches, and as this paper will show, there are multiple reasons to adopt this new paradigm.
All of the ongoing advances and refinements in student-centered blended learning have the same aim: to prepare children for success in a rapidly evolving, globalized world driven by information technology. The future our children will inherit demands technological dexterity, the ability to think critically, and the development of flexible intelligence that will thrive in— and drive—change.
Blended Learning trends covered in this white paper

  • The deeply student-centered learning experience
  • Soaring numbers of digital learners
  • Supporting standards and higher-order thinking skills
  • Realizing benefits for both teachers and students
  • Data-driven instruction to personalize learning
  • Personalized learning accompanied by a lean, blended, iterative approach
  • Productive gamification
  • The mobile world is where learners live now
  • BYOD is here and key to active three-screen days
  • More broadband, please!

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