132 Education & Innovation Leaders at ASU+GSV

A talented group of advocates, educators, entrepreneurs, and investors gathered in Scottsdale this week at the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit (#Edinnovation). I had the good fortune to interact with a small fraction of them.

Edtech Execs

  1. Todd Hitchcock, Pearson Embanet, online HigherEd

  2. Mickey Revenaugh, Connections Learning

  3. Julie Young, founder, Florida Virtual School

  4. Gregg Levin, FuelEd

  5. Rose Else-Mitchell, Scholastic

  6. Rob Waldron and

  7. Renee Foster, Curriculum Associates, core-built adaptive learning

  8. Alan Gershenfeld, E-Line Media, learning games

  9. Gunnar Counselman, Fidelis Education, student-centric HigherEd

  10. Alvin Crawford, Knowledge Delivery Systems, smart PD

  11. Matthew Petersen and

  12. Ingrid Ellerbe, MIND Research Institute, visual game-based math

  13. Jessie Woolley-Wilson DreamBox, adaptive K-6 math

  14. Chris Romer, American Honors, 2+2 program

  15. Clay Whitehead, Presence Learning, online speech therapy & related services

  16. Aden Fine, Edmodo, social learning

  17. Arthur VanderVeen, Compass Learning, K-12 Core-aligned content

  18. Curt Allen and

  19. Duane Call, Agilix, personalized learning (see recent feature)

  20. Josh Coates and

  21. Mistry Frost, Instructure, Canvas learning management system

  22. Pano Anthos, Six Red Marbles, learning experience design (recent feature)

  23. Jordan Meranus, Ellevation, English language learning

  24. Jeff Dunn, DeVry University, innovation

  25. Peter Cohen and

  26. Scott Drossos and

  27. Victoria Burwell, McGraw Hill Education

  28. Matthew Wulfstat, Stratford School, private Bay Area K-8 network

  29. Lane Rankin, Illuminate, data & assessment management

  30. Bob Bowen, Scientific Learning

  31. Eren Bali, Udemy, online learning marketplace

  32. Chris Cerf, Amplify

  33. Jeff Cohen, Sylvan Learning

  34. Mary Cullinane, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  35. Tom Davidson, EverFi

  36. Gene Eidelman, Mosaica Education

  37. Caleb Eliason, School Improvement Network

  38. Jeremy Johnson, 2U

  39. John Katzman, Noodle Education

  40. Matt Leavy, Pearson

  41. Bror Saxberg, Kaplan

  42. Matt Pittinsky, Parchment (see recent feature)

  43. Cory Reid, MasteryConnect (see recent feature)

  44. Lynda Weinman, Lynda.com


  1. Jacob Stiglitz, Rockit Education, Vietnam

  2. Mark Limbaugh, Panther Learning, better peer review

  3. Eric Korb, Accreditrust, credential processing services

  4. Brian Jacobs and

  5. Joshua Mullineaux, panOpen, HigherEd OER

  6. Chris Walsh, Zaption, interactive video

  7. Vernon Johnson, Accelerate Learning, K-12 hands on science

  8. Sabari Raja, Nepris, connecting teachers to industry leaders

  9. Sanjeev Agrawal, Collegefeed, job board

  10. Jason Singer, Curriculet, digital literacy platform

  11. Rachel Romer, Blueprint, a community college guidance platform

  12. Kelly Amis, Loudspeaker Films

  13. Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Schoolzilla

  14. Rajiv Enand, Lightside Labs

  15. Ramona Pierson and

  16. Nelson González, Declara, smart personalization

  17. Matt Gross, Newsela, news as literacy

  18. Karl Rectanus, Lea(R)n, short cycle trials

  19. Kim Taylor, Ranku, discoverability for online degrees

  20. Jeff Scheur, NoRedInk

District/Network Leaders

  1. Juan Cabrera, El Paso Schools

  2. Diane Tavenner, Summit Public Schools

  3. Steve Barr, The Future is Now, school development

  4. Julie Jackson, Uncommon Schools

  5. Caryn Voskuil, Rocketship

  6. Jon Hage, Charter Schools USA

  7. Harris Ferrell, Achievement First

Investors & Advisors

  1. Mitch Kapor, Kapor Capital

  2. Harold Levy, Palm Ventures

  3. Corey Greendale and

  4. Clement Erbman, First Analysis

  5. Alejandro Caballero, World Bank IFC

  6. Katelyn Donnelly, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund

  7. Michael Moe, GSV Asset Management

  8. Deborah Quazzo, GSV Advisors

  9. Rob Hutter and

  10. Michael Staton, Learn Capital

  11. Josh Cohen, City Light Capital

  12. Gisele Huff, Hume Foundation

  13. Nick Donohue, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

  14. Reed Hastings, Netflix (and DreamBox board member)

  15. Harry Singh, Intel Capital

  16. Amy Anderson, Donnell-Kay Foundation, Denver

  17. Steve Arnold, Lucas Foundation

  18. Jen Holleran, Startup Education

  19. Don Burton, Techstars

  20. Paul Freedman, Entangled Ventures

  21. Jonathan Harber, Harber Advisors

  22. Will Ethridge, Pearson advisor

  23. Vivian Wu, EdTech investors

Advocates & Impact Orgs

  1. Jeb Bush, Foundation for Excellence in Education

  2. John Bailey and

  3. Nathan Martin, Digital Learning Now

  4. Michael Horn and

  5. Thomas Arnett, Christensen Institute

  6. Don Graham, TheDream.US

  7. Jaime Casap, Google evangelist

  8. Myles Mendoza, Ed Choice Illinois

  9. Katrina Stevens, EdSurge

  10. Kathy Hurley, Pearson Foundation

  11. Alisha Morgan, Georgia legislator

  12. Susan Patrick and

  13. Jonathan Oglesby, iNACOL

  14. Kim Jacobson, Stanford d.School

  15. Brian Greenberg, Silicon Schools

  16. Karen Cator, Digital Promise

  17. Linda Pittenger, Innovation Network

  18. Phyllis Lockett, Leap innovation

  19. Jim Shelton,

  20. Richard Culatta and

  21. Nadya Chinoy Dabby, US ED

  22. Saad Rizvi, Pearson efficacy framework

  23. Eileen Sigmund, Arizona Charter School Association

  24. Cathleen Barton, Intel

  25. Mieka Wick, CityBridge Foundation

  26. Karen Billings, SIIA

  27. Linda Burch, Common Sense Media

  28. Frank Catalano, Intrinsic Strategy

  29. Kevin Chavous, American Federation for Children

  30. Jessica Lindl, Glass Lab

  31. Lisa Keegan, Keegan Co

  32. Ron Reed, SXSWedu

  33. Margaret Spellings, George W. Bush Presidential Center

  34. Carol Rava Treat, Get Schooled

Head Hunters

  1. Joe Haberman, Heidrick & Struggles

  2. Ralph Prostik, BSG Team Ventures

  3. Willa Perlman, Ligature Partners

  4. Stacy Holland, Exceptional People

See day one coverage, ASU+GSV: Education Dreaming, including Reed Hasting, Magic Johnson, Laurene Powell Jobs, Karen Cator, and the panel I moderated on 16 Ways to Expand Access to Learning, and day two coverage, ASU+GSV: Education Powers The American Dream, including panels led by Rob Waldron, Josh Coates, Jaime Casap, and Elizabeth Stock.
Several people mentioned represent Getting Smart Advocacy Partners and Learn Capital Portfolio companies.

Tom Vander Ark

Tom Vander Ark is the CEO of Getting Smart. He has written or co-authored more than 50 books and papers including Getting Smart, Smart Cities, Smart Parents, Better Together, The Power of Place and Difference Making. He served as a public school superintendent and the first Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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