In the second of the spring EdTech trifecta, the ASU+GSV Summit has quickly become the best conference on innovations in learning. Compared to the NewSchools invite-only .org gathering, this is an investor-friendly .com gathering. (SXSWedu, in contrast, is rambling .queso affair.)

ASU+GSV is seeking nominations for firms producing a “Return On Education.” Just tweet your nomination to  #ROE14. You can also submit a more detailed nomination here.  The deadline is April 4. 

Winners will exemplify high impact and Return on Education as measured by their ability to deliver one or more of the following tangible learner outcomes:

  • Significantly increase access to education;
  • Greatly reduce the cost for learners and/or learning institutions;
  • Dramatically improve learning outcomes;
  • Provide substantial leverage to learning leaders (teachers, professors); and/or
  • Make a sustainable and scaled impact.

Tweet away.


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