Video: Deeper Learning For Every Student Every Day

Last month, we released our white paper, Deeper Learning For Every Student Every Day, dedicated to busting the myths around Deeper Learning and help reveal how it can happen in any school, with all students under the guidance of any teacher.

Today, to accompany the paper we share with you the video created to showcase the six Deeper Learning competencies needed to provoke Deeper Learning, regardless of the school model or location. With real college and career ready standards and shifting to online assessment, we really have an opportunity to help students achieve at higher levels.

Where Can It Happen? We profiled 20 schools from over 13 states serving over 10 thousand students, some in urban schools, some in suburban, some in rural, some in traditional, some in charters, some purposeful built, and some transformed. Regardless of the differences, the one aspect that was common to them all, was their ability to provide deeper learning experiences and better prepare their students for this new world.

These schools use project based learning, are not hesitant to utilize new tools, connect and engage in community based learning- and all emphasize a “show what you know” culture.

It’s time to shine a light on Deeper Learning. Watch the full video below to learn more.

Jessica Slusser

Jessica is the Senior Director of Impact at Getting Smart. She leads business development and growth of advocacy campaigns, advisory services, product development, marketing, and Getting Smart's blog. As part of her role, Jessica also oversees team events, conferences, and speaking engagements.

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