This month Getting Smart is acknowledging people and organizations making a difference with a series of back to school top 10 lists. During August we will run about 40 ‘best of’ lists, not in order, not exhaustive, just people we appreciate.

Today we are recognizing 20 platform providers.

Comprehensive Platforms (LMS & content)


Learning Platforms

What did we miss?  What would you add?

Edmodo is a portfolio company of Learn Capital where Tom is a partner. Pearson is an Advocacy Partner of Getting Smart.


  1. Itslearning is available her in the US. It is out of Norway and is making a lot of headway. Being used in Forsyth County Schools (GA), Spring ISD (TX), Minneapolis Public Schools. Has over 2.5 million users world wide. Here is their vimeo channel with tons of video demonstrations.

  2. You are msissing EdisonLearning, we provide a comprehensive platform and digital curriculum for grades 6-12.
    EdisonLearning’s course building system allows schools to customize their online courses.
    Our content repository is also available through EdElements Hybrid system.

  3. Fishtree is an adaptive learning platform growing fast in popularity across the US K-12 sector and moving into higher education. It specializes in scaling one-to-one instruction but combines the elements of a typical LMS and SIS to offer a really innovative learning environment that incorporates personalization, collaboration and analytics. It can even sit within other infrastructures making it really easy to integrate.

  4. Hi team – perhaps you can check us out, too: aNewSpring. We offer a blended learning platform which training providers use to create inspiring learning journeys. Cheers.


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