A remix is the act of combining two or more things into one. Traditionally a phenomenon used in music, it has spread into the technology community. This week’s selection of six notable tools added to edshelf are all a remix or can be used in a remix. Enhance your classroom instruction igniting your students’ creativity with these inventive tools.

  • Xpercia HD – Work on science experiments within the safety of an iPad. Also, less mess and easier clean-up too!

  • DJ Mixer – Or, experiment with music using the tools of a DJ. May be helpful to students who want to craft remixes or modify music for multimedia projects.

  • Qik Video – Recorded video not enough? Stream live video with this iPhone and Android phone app. Good for remote presentations and demos.

  • Cacoo – Then collaborate on a diagram with others in real-time. Kind of like Google Docs for mind maps, wireframes, and other visual documents.

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