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Technology can sometimes augment the educational experience in wondrous ways. From enabling memorization through multimedia to practicing social skills via simulated situations, here are six notable tools that were added to edshelf in the past week by educators such as yourselves.
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Hapara gives educators oversight of student efforts in Google Apps: Drive, Gmail, Blogs, Sites, etc. Remote Control monitors real-time browser activity, open and close tabs, priority message.

  • AutoRap – Music can be a great memorization tool. What if your students could turn their assignments into rap songs? With this mobile app, they can!
  • Book Writer – Create ebooks, story books, art books, video books, cook books, and all kinds of publications on the iPhone & iPad with this app.
  • SPOKEnPHOTO Album – And if a book isn’t enough, take a photo, add your voice, and get a spoken photo album. Also, currently free!
  • Learn Maths with Beluga – Also free is this iPad math game with hundreds of hours of gameplay that learners both young and old can enjoy.
  • Zoo U – Or try an online game that puts 3rd & 4th graders into various social situations within a virtual school environment to teach them social skills.
  • iDroo – Finally, an add-on to Skype that attaches a collaborative whiteboard to your video conferences. Only works for Windows computers however.

edshelf is a great place to share, categorize and apply educational apps, mobile or web. Sign up and join an active community of educators integrating technology into the classroom in meaningful and powerful ways!

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